Chapter 9. Interprocess Communication


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LocationPage 1022, The last text paragraph on the page; the 4th line of the paragraph.
ReporterOisin McGuinness, on April 6, 2007.
The second word of the line should be "input" instead of "output", that is, the line should read:

standard input and places it in a pasteboard. It can...


LocationPage 1070, The function prototype for bootstrap_look_up() (the first function prototype on the page; near the top).
ReporterGreg Miller, on February 16, 2007.
The type of the second argument (service_name) should be name_t instead of name_service_t. That is, it should read:

kern_return_t bootstrap_look_up(mach_port_t bootstrap_port, name_t service_name, mach_port_t *service_port);


LocationPage 1117, The paragraph immediately after Table 9—5; the 10th line of the paragraph.
ReporterJulien Lerouge, on January 18, 2007.
The first word fragment of the line (wrapped from the previous line) should be state() instead of identity(). That is, lines 9 and 10 should read:

... provided functions: cache_exception_raise(), catch_exception_raise_state(), or catch_exception_raise_state_identity(). As shown...


LocationPage 1208, Figure 9—67; the 2nd line of code on the page.
ReporterVictor Tchistiak, on May 1, 2008.
The call to htons() is not necessary since getservbyname(3) returns port numbers in network byte order. In fact, on a little endian host, the call to htons() will do the wrong thing. The line should read::

remote_addr.sin_port = service->s_port;