Chapter 7. Processes


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LocationPage 803, Section; the second-to-last line of the paragraph immediately before Figure 7—53. Note that this error was introduced in the 2nd printing—it's not present in the 1st printing because the relevant text is different altogether.
ReporterMitch Ross, on May 5, 2007.
There are two instances of "valuse" on this line—both instances should say "values" instead. That is, the line should read as follows:

... the program prints the values of both threads' counters. The values will be crude...


LocationPage 816, Section; the 4th bullet point of the section and the 6th line on page 816.
ReporterPaul Seiffert, on June 30, 2009.
It should say "processor type" instead of "process type." That is, the line should read as follows:

...that the processor type and subtype specified in the Mach-O header are...