Chapter 11. File Systems


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LocationPage 1459, The last code statement on the page.
ReporterRobert Minsk, on January 8, 2008.
In the call to initWithCapacity(), the size being requested must include DATA_QUEUE_ENTRY_HEADER_SIZE for each event. That it, it should read:

fDataQueue = IODataQueue::withCapacity(
                 (sizeof(VnodeWatcherData_t)) * (kt_kMaximumEventsToHold +


LocationPage 1467, The 10th non-blank line of code from the bottom of the page.
ReporterRobert Minsk, on December 21, 2007.
Instead of "vdata.vtype & VDIR", the line should have "vdata.v_type == VDIR". That is, it should read:

action_print(vdata.action, (vdata.v_type == VDIR);