Chapter 10. Extending the Kernel


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LocationPage 1262, The bullet list at the middle of the page; the second bullet item (starting with <kmod>_info.c); the third line of the item.
ReporterGreg Miller, on November 14, 2006.
Instead of <kmod>_info.a, it should be <kmod>_info.o (that is, the suffix should be a ".o" instead of a ".a". The correct line should read:

of libkmodc++.a, libkmod.a, and <kmod>_info.o provides conceptu-...


LocationPage 1308, Figure 10—32, the compiler command line for compiling lstemperature.
ReporterRoberto Cruz, on September 3, 2006.
The source file name (lstemperature.c) is missing from the command line shown.