Chapter 6. The xnu Kernel


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LocationPage 524, Section 6.3.3, the 4th line of the section's first paragraph.
ReporterMichael Engel, on July 22, 2006.
Instead of "2.5 seconds" it should be "2.05" seconds. The comment that refers to 2.5 seconds on page 525 should also be updated to refer to 2.05 seconds.


LocationPage 585, The 9th line from the bottom.
ReporterAnonymous, on July 8, 2006.
Instead of ppscall [osfmk/hw_exception.s], it should be ppcscall [osfmk/ppc/hw_exception.s]. Note that there is a typo each in both the function name and the path.


LocationPage 650, Section, the 9th line of the first paragraph on the page.
ReporterAnonymous, on July 8, 2006.
Instead of logGlo, it should be lowGlo.


LocationPage 653, The bullet list at the beginning of the page; the first two bullet items in the list.
ReporterAmit Singh (Author), on July 7, 2006.
Instead of the first two bullet items, there should be a single bullet item that reads as follows:
  • The ppe_paddr field of per_proc_entry contains the physical address of the first page of the processor's per_proc_info structure. We will resolve ppe_paddr as a pointer to read from the corresponding memory.


LocationPage 653, The command-line code example around the middle of the page, the second diagpcpy command, the shell comment for this command.
ReporterAnonymous, on July 8, 2006.
The command is shown currently as:
$ ./diagpcpy 0x35d000 16 | hexdump # fourth 32-bit word is the first
                                   # processor's ppe_vaddr
It should be (only the comment is different):
$ ./diagpcpy 0x35d000 16 | hexdump # first 64-bit number is the first
                                   # processor's ppe_paddr


LocationPage 656, Figure 6—48, the block of code that begins with the comment "// See if we have a nondefault trace-buffer size".
ReporterAnonymous, on July 8, 2006.
There is a missing #endif statement immediately before the closing } in this block.