Errata (First Printing, June 2006)

This page contains a statistical summary of the errors discovered in the book after printing. The linked pages contain the locations of the errors, along with the respective corrections.

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I will greatly appreciate any errors that the readers of the book will report. If you find any factual, typographical, grammatical, stylistic, or any other type of error in the book, kindly check the appropriate errata page to see if it has already been reported. If it is yet undiscovered, please notify me.

Note that each corrigendum entry will, by default, contain the name of the first reporter of the error. However, email addresses will never be published. If, for some reason, you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate that in your error report and I will comply.

Total entries: 30

errata status

Chapter Corrections
1.   Origins of Mac OS X view 0
2.   An Overview of Mac OS X view 8
3.   Inside an Apple view 2
4.   The Firmware and the Bootloader view 1
5.   Kernel and User-Level Startup view 2
6.   The xnu Kernel view 6
7.   Processes view 6
8.   Memory view 0
9.   Interprocess Communication view 2
10. Extending the Kernel view 0
11. File Systems view 1
12. The HFS Plus File System view 1
A.   Mac OS X on x86-Based Macintosh Systems view 1