BAMBIOS: Legacy (BIOS-Based) Booting on the Intel-Based Macintosh

Written on March 12, 2006


Given that Intel-based Macintosh computers have neither a legacy BIOS nor a legacy VGA bios, it is rather non-trivial to boot an x86 operating system using legacy means on these machines.

We have developed software ("BAMBIOS") that allows such legacy booting on the Intel-based Macintoshes. For example, a regular (that is, non-EFI) version of Linux can be readily booted using this software.

We are excited about the possibilities of using this software to multiboot several operating systems on the new Macintosh hardware. Linux works fine, and we have made good progress with booting an unmodified Windows XP installation (no "piracy" required :-)).

Sneak Preview

The following mini presentation gives an overview of the design and implementation of BAMBIOS.

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