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What's not here?

I am sure there are plenty of x86 systems that are not listed here. While I simply do not have access to some, I have either failed to make certain systems work under Virtual PC (or Bochs) on Mac OS X, or have simply not gotten around to figuring out what problem(s) they have.

The following is a list of systems that I would like to include, but haven't (a brief reason is listed for each).


386BSD "hangs" under Virtual PC. I was under the impression that it does work, but when I attempted to run it recently in order to take a screenshot, I found that it doesn't. I recall that 386BSD had some BIOS issues on certain systems. I haven't tried it with Bochs. I do have an ancient installation of it on a PC.


BlueBottle is an operating system based on the Active Object System (AoS) kernel. It "hangs" under Virtual PC. I haven't tried it with Bochs.


I have a copy of BSDI 4.x. Again, the kernel "hangs" under Virtual PC. I haven't tried it with Bochs.

NT 3.5x

I do not have Windows NT 3.5x, although I had not one, but several legitimate copies at a time. NT 3.5x had support for OpenGL and long file names (up to 255 characters).


SCO seems to be everybody's favorite company these days. I have used a few versions of OpenServer and Unixware in the past, but currently I only have access to OpenServer 5.0.4. It is possible, albeit after some excruciating effort, to make this version work with Virtual PC. There are various issues (SCO is often incredibly finicky even on "standard" hardware), but the fundamental problem is that Virtual PC's disk drive controller is not recognized by 5.0.4. No amount of juggling with "BTLD"s and boot strings would help. This means you cannot have a hard disk. The only way to "run" OpenServer in this situation is to create a set of boot/root floppies with support for NFS. The file system of a SCO system is made available via NFS from "somewhere" and mounted appropriately. This is exceedingly contrived, no doubt.


SkyOS boots but does not finish booting up to the desktop. I have not looked into the problem yet.


SyllableOS does not work with Virtual PC. I have not tried it with Bochs yet.