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I had been vaguely interested in Apple for while, but I acquired my first Apple computer no too long ago, in April 2003 - a PowerBook G 17". Thereafter I became, shall we say, a little more than vaguely interested in Apple computers. Well, all right: I switched (can't say "from" what, but certainly "to" Apple). Note that this only applies to my "primary" computer (the one that one runs one's Universe on): I still am fairly involved with other systems. In any case I am not too fond of the expression "switched".

:: Mac OS 9

Mac OS 9

Since I acquired my first Apple computer (and a few more subsequently) in 2003, I never really used any other Mac operating system than OS X. However, I did install Mac OS 9 natively on an iBook to see "what it was about". Thereafter, I ran into a few situations when I actually needed to run a few Classic applications (such as Apple's old resource editor), as a result of which I do have the Classic emulation environment on my PowerBook (it cannot boot natively into OS 9 anyway).

In other words, the Classic emulator runs fine on my PowerBook.

:: Mac OS X

Mac OS X

I often find Mac OS X to be the most productivity enhancing operating environment that I have used. Mac OS X is my "primary" operating system, although I do not use, nor have ever used, any Apple systems for or at work.