Making procfs Cooler

A few weeks ago, I released as open source a MacFUSE-based process file system for Mac OS X.

I recently added several new features to this procfs implementation. Some of these features are "cool" in that they put a new twist on certain types of visual information.

For example, there’s a folder /proc/system/hardware/displays/ that contains a subfolder each for connected displays. Subfolder 0 represents the first display, 1 is the second display (if any), and so on. Within each such subfolder, there’s a file called info that contains information about that particular display: its resolution, bits-per-pixel, bytes-per-row, whether the display is built-in, whether it supports OpenGL acceleration, and so on. There’s another file called screenshot.tiff that contains a TIFF rendition of what’s on that display at that moment—an always-live screenshot, if you will. You copy this file and you get a screenshot. Copy it again, and you get a new screenshot. You can just open it in place too.

Along similar lines, there’s another folder /proc/system/hardware/camera/ and a file screenshot.tiff within it. When you open this file, procfs activates the camera momentarily, takes a picture, deactivates the camera, and makes the picture available as a TIFF file. You can copy the file and you get an image of what the camera’s seeing at that moment. Copy it again and you get another "live" image.

Besides these, the updated procfs has other (not-so-visual) interesting features.

More details, source code, and a precompiled binary available here:

Making procfs Cooler

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