A Technical History of Apple's Operating Systems

The very first chapter I wrote for Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach was the “history” chapter. My goal was to create a comprehensive and detailed book. I deemed it important for the reader to understand the long and eventful journey toward Mac OS X. Therefore, I wrote the chapter as a technical history that discussed all operating systems that Apple shipped, including several systems and technologies that were strong influences on Apple.

The manuscript grew large enough that I had to leave out certain material from the printed book. In particular, I shrunk the history chapter drastically, which leaves the original “director’s cut” version as yet unpublished. I have decided to release it as a freely downloadable PDF document. As you will see, it is the most substantial single document I have ever released on either osxbook.com or kernelthread.com.

Please go here to download the document:

A Technical History of Apple’s Operating Systems

I hope you enjoy reading this document and the book. Just as this document provides a super-detailed history of Apple’s operating systems, the book itself is super-detailed on the internals of modern day Mac OS X. It is not at all a book about using Mac OS X—it is about the system’s design and implementation. Therefore, I expect it to appeal to all operating system enthusiasts and students.

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