"Blue Screen of Death" Rescues With Personal Devices

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I can point people to something cool we did in our group at IBM Research. What I am referring to was demonstrated at IBM PartnerWorld 2005 a couple of days ago in Las Vegas, calling it a “personal jumper cable” to counter the “Blue Screen of Death” on PCs.

In a pinch, the Linux-based technology “transforms” a personal device, such as an MP3 player, a USB pen, or even a cell phone, into a powerful “Rescue and Recovery” device that can be used for things such as:

  • Booting a PC “from” the personal device
  • Accessing data from the PC’s unbootable drive
  • Accessing specific backups located on the personal device
  • Providing an emergency productivity environment (e-mail, Lotus Notes, web, …), even if the PC’s drive is completely dead
  • Rebuilding the PC’s drive
  • More …

An iPod mini was used in the PartnerWorld demonstration.

I think it’s cool because we are packaging all this functionality into personal devices that people won’t find a chore to carry around, and in many cases, already carry around. Moreover, the original purpose of the personal device is unaltered. For example, if it’s an MP3 player, it will remain so.

I’ve seen the software been described as “IBM One-touch Rescue & Recovery On Linux” in the press.

Some relevant links [updated]:

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Webcast Containing the Demo (the demo is approximately 25 minutes into the webcast)

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