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January 21, 2009Extended Binary Format Support for Mac OS X.

December 16, 2008User-Space File System Goodies.

November 10, 2008HFSDebug 4 and New HFS+ Features.

January 31, 2008"TPM DRM" In Mac OS X: A Myth That Won't Die.

January 2, 2008GrabFS: The Screenshot File System.

Jun 5, 2007Making procfs Cooler.

May 14, 2007Handcrafting Process Core Dumps.

May  8, 2007A MacFUSE-Based Process File System for Mac OS X.

Jan 11, 2007MacFUSE: A FUSE-Compliant File System Implementation Mechanism for Mac OS X.

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The Book

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Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach, by Amit Singh

The book "Mac OS X Internals" (ISBN 0321278542) describes the architecture and design of Apple's operating system. The book is targeted at anybody who is curious about Mac OS X and has a system-level interest in operating systems. At a very high (and simplistic) level, I expect this book to appeal to both those who use Mac OS X, and also those who do not.

Mac OS X Internals: Cover

The primary audience among the existing users of Mac OS X are those who wish to have a deep and solid understanding of the system's composition and working. This category includes power users, developers, and administrators. Based on the feedback I have received from my earlier writings on Mac OS X, even "non-power" Mac users enjoyed my rather technical descriptions of the system. I expect such readers to find several things of interest in the book.

Among those who do not use Mac OS X, many people might be interested in finding out more about it—out of academic curiosity, to broaden their understanding of the design of modern operating systems, or perhaps because they are contemplating "switching" to Mac OS X. This category could be further broken down into the following (possibly overlapping) categories:

The book's nature is better understood by reading its preface and browsing its table of contents.

This Web Site

This is the book's accompanying web site. Besides book-related information and updates, the site has a blog and a set of forums. Both the blog and the forums are meant for discussion and information dissemination related to Mac OS X Internals, while not being limited to the book's context. Note that the forums are already "live".

The content on this web site obsoletes the Mac-OS-X-related content on my other web site kernelthread.com.

Old News

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Oct 26, 2007 — New MacFUSE Release, with Leopard Support (downloads, documentation)

Oct 30, 2006Trusted Computing for Mac OS X.

Oct 22, 2006Understanding Apple's Binary Protection in Mac OS X.

Sep  8, 2006A New Screen of Death for Mac OS X.

Jul 20, 2006A Technical History of Apple's Operating Systems.

Jul  8, 2006Accessing Kernel Memory On The x86 Version Of Mac OS X.

Jun 16, 2006Experimenting With Light On Apple Notebook Computers.

Jun 21, 2006The book is here, finally.

May 20, 2006Mac OS X Internals: A Presentation.

May 14, 2006EFI Programming on Mac OS X.

Mar 13, 2006BAMBIOS: Legacy (BIOS-Based) Booting on the Intel-Based Macintosh.

Feb 21, 2006Running Windows XP (under VMware) on the Intel-based Macintosh.

Feb 20, 2006Running Knoppix on the Intel-based Macintosh.

Feb 18, 2006 — Learn how to trivially run Front Row on a Macintosh without an infrared controller.

Feb 17, 2006 — Details of running Linux on an Intel-based Macintosh, along with a ready-to-run test-drive Linux distribution available for download!